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  Yoga demonstration on Independence Day   `Subramani Bharathi´- portrayed by Balamurugan, student of grade 5
Bharatanatiyam - the traditional classical dance of Tamil Nadu   Karate class in progress
  NAPA - Nachiar Academy For Performance Arts
I Listen, I Forget; I See, I Believe; I Do, I Learn.

Every child is unique and has his / her own potential. A child has a natural curiosity and inherent creativity. Every educational institution should try and retain these and ignite a love for learning by creating a conducive environment: one that is child friendly, caring and non-intimidating. The emphasis at Nachiar Vidyalayam is to allow the child to discover through exploration, both physical and intellectual, so as to help him/her play, learn and reflect. Every child is taught at his/her own pace so as to be able to meet greater challenges.

By establishing Nachiar Academy for Performing Arts, we aim to provide all-round development to each student, with emphasis on music, fine arts, communication skills, and performing arts through an innovative curriculum designed to make learning enjoyable. The curriculum is designed not only to enhance the intellectual development of the student but also promote their physical, spiritual and psychological well-being.

What the school aims to achieve through NAPA is: Learning beyond classrooms. Learning becomes much more effective and relevant through interactive experiences, dramatizing concepts learnt, applying the lessons in real life.

This attempt, we believe, will go a long way in creating interest in art forms and nurture the growth of the artist in every child. The basic approach is to expose students to various art forms and also show them that there is no end to creativity neither in ideas nor in media. Through Nachiar Academy for Performing Arts, the school aims to guide each student to develop into a balanced personality becoming a productive, effective, sensitive and responsible citizen of our country.

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